Ancient Produce


Nature's own produce


relishing Secrets of Nature

Agricultural produce in sync with nature.  Not a drop of chemical fed to plants.  Feel the freshness of mother nature in every bit of our natural Agricultural Produce.

Cooking Oil

Tharman Nallenai, Tharman Karpetti Nallenai (Sesame Oil), Tharman Kadalennai (Peanut Oil), etc are Hallmarks of Ancient Produce


Well water for irrigation, or natural rain and pond and river water for irrigation.  Naturally grown organic vegetables at your foot steps


Tharman Arisi.  Tharman Rice.  Unpolished Rice at your door steps.

Ancient Produce

Returning back to Nature

The same quality of natural produce enjoyed by our ancestors, at your doorsteps. Enjoy the taste of micro nutrients, that enhance your health. Harness the power of Micro Nutrients, in Ancient Produce, that heals, your internal orgnas.  You will live a 101 years, may the lord bless with his abundance of joy and happiness for you.